GYROTONIC® classes are individual classes that take place in the cozy private room. To participate in the classes it is necessary to book and plan a class plan.

The GYROTONIC® method was conceived by the Hungarian Juliu Horvath around the eighties, and is based on GYROKINESIS®, a method he developed in previous years that developed around his experiences as a dancer, yoga and tai-chi.

It is a method in continuous evolution and is defined by Juliu himself: “[…] a system of exercises that uses the body to go beyond its limits.”

The GYROTONIC® exercises develop the functional capabilities of the whole body in a harmonious way” . Horvath in tune with Eastern philosophies believes that any discomfort can be caused by an energetic, physical or emotional stagnation that can be avoided through an uninterrupted flow of movement.

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GYROTONIC® is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

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