Barbara C.

I have been attending this studio for over a year and despite having the previous experience of another Pilates center, I found here not only a much wider range of proposals, many machines that were not in the other center, but above all great professionalism and attention to the person. I am not only shown the exercises to do, but they help me to do the right thing and learn to really “feel” my body, just as the aide in this gym had configured it.

I suffer from disc and cervical protrusions and have benefited greatly from doing general Pilates with these teachers.

Monica M.

I’ve been attending Loft Studio Cerere for six years. I started attending it because I was very close to my work and following the advice of a friend who had been with him for some time. I didn’t regret it: my back pain disappeared, my posture improved and my mood improved after each class.

The teachers are professional, friendly and helpful.

The location in the old Cerere pasta factory is an element of the further charm of this beautiful place.

Moreover, in so many years, I have had the opportunity to meet several people with whom I have made beautiful bonds of friendship, perhaps facilitated by the possibility of cementing these relationships with food and wine that are always abundant in San Lorenzo.

Simona P.

The Loft Studio Cerere is the living testimony of a new energy in the heart of Rome. Federica Cutugno, supported by an exceptional staff, allows anyone who wants to do it to take care of themselves “bypassing” the concept of aesthetics as an end in itself and focusing on physical and mental health.

The place, inside the former Cerere pasta factory, is welcoming and fanciful with a breath of New York metropolis. Attention to detail and to the person are in the first place, I don’t really know how they do, it but these guys have the ability to take care of each of us, accompanying us hand in hand according to the needs of each one. I became passionate about Bootybarre, and I had excellent results.

I advise!

Martina M.

My name is Martina and I am 23 years old. When I discovered the Loft Studio Cerere I found everything I needed!

I suffer from a disease that involves hypotonia and muscle weakness and for this I need to be followed with professionalism and dedication, qualities that characterize the staff together with availability, kindness and sympathy. I regularly studio twice a week and the improvements, confirmed by the doctor, are obvious! This is thanks to Walter, exceptional as a physiotherapist and as a person, always attentive, patient and ingenious to make Pilates exercises effective for my body.

Romina G.à..friendial..force and great great professionalism..this is what I feel every time I have a pilates class at the loft studio cerere! It is a magical place, which takes away all tiredness at the end of the working day … it remains in the heart and you can no longer do without the wonderful classes with the teachers! The classes are always different and help improve the posture, already evident from the first few times … it becomes a need to go to the Loft for the physical and the mind..Thanks with all my heart for all that you transmit!