Ashtanga yoga is an ancient discipline characterized by the union of breath with movement. The breath, the true heart of this practice, links the individual postures together in a dynamic progressive sequence (VINYASA) making the movements more fluid and dissolving the body from tensions and fears.

Breathing in a more conscious way means getting rid of improper use of muscles and joints, developing resistance to prolonged efforts and achieving a balance in individual postures that is stable and comfortable. The dynamism of Ashtanga yoga brings lightness and elasticity in the movements. The body becomes stronger and more graceful and the awareness of the breath, therefore the presence of mind in the work being done, cleans the mind making it clearer and more relaxed.

Furthermore, through the synchronization of the breath with the movement, an intense internal heat is produced which results in a purifying sweating: the toxins are eliminated, the internal organs massaged and the body invigorated. To develop a greater awareness of the single posture while keeping it as comfortable as possible, biomechanical principles will be applied that help to effectively align the body by grounding it and, at the same time, allow to “feel” the postures through a deeper consciousness of the center, correcting any postural defects. The awareness of the center brings stability and control in the movements, the practice becomes more balanced and harmonious, the mind more concentrated. Stability, firmness (sthira) and the ability to comfortably maintain posture (sukha) are the characteristics of a healthy and balanced position, ready to welcome the breath.


Hatha Flow is a practice that adds fluidity to the classic static hold of Hatha Yoga Asanas.

The positions are connected by the breath in a single sequence.
The rhythm of the class is less tight than styles such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa and the level is open to all practitioners, beginners and non-beginners, who are looking for a physical yet conscious practice.


On Sunday mornings, extra long yoga classes are offered with different teachers. Classes are open to everyone, they cost is 18 euros and can be booked online even without prepaid passes.

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