Physiotherapist, Pilates Teacher

Walter De Maria, who has always been passionate about movement and the knowledge of the body in all its many aspects, has always dedicated himself to sports ranging from swimming, artistic gymnastics, to hip-hop, contemporary, classical dance and Pilates.

He graduated from the Margherita Biosecurity Institute of Rome, and then graduated in physiotherapy in 2003 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

He trained in the workplace for many years in various rehabilitation centers and refined his knowledge in the rehabilitation recovery of neurological pathologies such as hemiplegia, parkinson’s disease, ataxia, multiple sclerosis, pathologies of the vertebral column such as hernias, protrusions, neuropathies, vertebral degeneration.

Since 2003 he has been practicing as a home and outpatient physiotherapist, he constantly follows refresher and training courses that lead him to get closer and closer to the field of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, but without neglecting the neurological field.

Among his various professional experiences in the sports field, his role as a physiotherapist in the cast of the great production of the musical “Romeo and Juliet” was staged at the great theater in Rome.

Since October 2017 he has been a professor at the Lumsa University, teaching the post-university master’s degree in psychomotor skills.

It is formed and perfected in various rehabilitation techniques including Global Postural Re-education, the Cranio Sacrale technique, the Body and Conscious gentle exercise method, Manual Therapy, plantar reflexology and neuro-muscular taping.

In 2005 he trained as a Pilates teacher, following the training courses of one of the most famous international schools, Polestar Pilates, and after having taught the discipline in various gyms, he now teaches permanently at the Loft Studio Cerere in Rome. In 2017 he is certified as a Pilates Matwork teacher at the Basi Pilates Italia international school, attending international conferences held by the school’s founder Rael Isacowitz, a second-generation student of Joseph Pilates. In 2019 he completed his training with the Pilates BASI school, training in the Comprehensive Global Program, the complete training course with all the great tools of the BASI brand.

Continuous updating, both in physiotherapy techniques and in Pilates, provides him with continuous knowledge and in-depth studio of the methods, and therefore a more effective application for customers. The integration of the two disciplines allows him to have the tools for a faster recovery of the health conditions of each individual client.