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Our Group Classes offer Matwork & Equipment style pilates classes.

Private and Duet Sessions

Private and Duet Pilates classes are for who like more tailored routine.

Special Classes

Whether you need re-correct your posture or, you’re a mother-to-be, our Special Classes are designed for you.


Pilates is a discipline of movement that brings an infinite number of benefits according to individual needs, and is also widely used in therapeutic and rehabilitation settings.

The method called “Pilates” takes its name from its founder Joseph Hubertus Pilates, born in Monchengladbach in 1883. Son of an athlete and a naturopath, as a child he suffered from rickets. This family environment and his poor health were the stimulus for him to devote himself to sport and gymnastics. His method was experimented in a prison camp in England during the First World War and was developed in New York in the 40s where he was very successful among dancers, actors and show people. He was among the pioneers of holistic disciplines in the West, his method was a revolution precisely because he proposed this new approach, looking at the body in its entirety and bringing to the West the idea that physical well-being could not be separated from the spiritual and mental.

Currently the main training schools of the Pilates method, in full respect of the discipline invented by its founder (which he called Contrology), have expanded some aspects of it and the equipments, fruit of its intuitive genius, have been modernized with the use of new materials . The principles on which this training method is based are distinct and inseparable and can be summarized in the cooperation of breathing, concentration and fluidity.


The Pilates method improves the awareness of the body, the quality of movement in functional activities, coordination. You can have a marked improvement in posture and therefore a feeling of general well-being through the acquisition of new and correct motor patterns with consequent toning of all the muscles.

Pilates believed that his training method was not just an exercise program aimed at achieving his physical well-being. Pilates firmly thought that by improving oneself, according to a holistic vision of body / mind / spirit harmony, one could contribute to the progress of the whole society. This is the purpose and function of the Pilates method and therefore the true “mission” of those who teach it. The activities carried out in the Studio are part of this wellness education project and are aimed at achieving a psycho-physical balance of the whole person. To this end, the Loft Studio Cerere relies on the collaboration of qualified and highly qualified professionals in the various disciplines.

All the collaborating teachers of the studio have international certifications with BASI and / or Polestar.

The group teaches the Pilates method proposed by BASI which is based on the knowledge and teachings acquired by Rael Isacowitz, second-generation student of Joe Pilates, who over the years has renewed, where necessary, with modern scientific research and technology, the method developed by its creator remaining faithful to its origins and without distorting it.

In individual lessons or duets students are directed to the most suitable teacher for affinity and specialization.

The Loft Studio Cerere is equipped with all the machinery. It has 5 reformers, two chairs, a cadillac all Balanced Body and the brand new barrel and barrel set armrests developed by BASI System.

High quality mats and small tools are used in the matwork and yoga classes
The Loft Studio Cerere also from 2017 is Host Studio for BASI (Body Arts and Science International), international school of training for Pilates instructors and is responsible for following the trainees in the study.

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