Bootybarre® is a fun pre-choreographed fit class in which the dance barre is used. Invented by Tracey Mallett in 2009, it quickly spread around the world due to its winning formula that combines elements of dance, yoga and pilates on cheerful music that constantly follows a controlled rhythm from the beginning to the end.

Another strong point is the fact that it is very easy to follow, precisely because of the structure that characterizes it designed by Tracey Mallett, and for the application of the right rules of biomechanics through the lesson to be safe and well organized.

What benefits does it bring?

As the word itself says, the bootybarre® pays particular attention to the work of the “booty” but the various “blocks” in which it is divided do not neglect the work of arms and abdominals, in the perfect combination of strenght and flexibility. In this lesson we use the dance barre, a small ball and light weights.

Who is the lesson suitable for?

The lesson is suitable for everyone, however it is not recommended if there are knee problems. Those who are completely out of training can apply strenuous. We recommend to start with some Pilates lessons to find out about the core and body alignment.

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